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Accidental Landscapes™  

Accidental Landscapes: What they are and how they evolved

How can a landscape be accidental? Lines and colors are carefully planned and the process of layering is left to serendipity. Curved or zigzag strips are cut free form (no templates or foundation bases are used), the edges are ironed under, then layered one on top of each other starting from the sky and working to the bottom of the scene. The scene is then pinned and topstitched. The topstitching is done 1/8” from the edge which gives the surface a wonderful added texture.

When teaching my “Layered Curves and Peaks” technique, my students would learn the topstitching technique by creating  a textured piece of “Layered Curves” fabric. The fabric could then be used as is or cut up in different ways to form fun designs. Often we would notice that if we viewed the curved lines in a horizontal format we could envision little abstract landscapes. I tried making some landscapes on my own and brought them to the next couple of workshops. Everyone loved them and wanted the patterns! I told them that they already knew the technique and besides, the landscapes went together quite accidentally. I promised to try and write down the “guidelines” for the colors and lines. That’s how I got into the pattern business – accidentally! (my “Accidental Landscapes” article was featured in the Summer 2003 issue of the  “American Quilter” magazine)

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Click on the pictures above to see variations I have made to the basic pattern, simply by changing the colors, arrangement of the layers, and by adding different collage details. 

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